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Bulk Seed Boxes Made EASY!

At the end of planting season, seed companies want their seed boxes returned, and the seed dealers need the space in their warehouse. Breaking down these boxes to be returned is a time consuming, labor intensive process that typically requires 2 people lifting a 112 pound box top and flipping it over. BOXMATE® is made of powder coated steel with pneumatic controls. With the BOXMATE®, a fork lift, and a small air compressor. 1 person can unstack, break down and restack a box in approximately 2 minutes. Besides the time savings, the BOXMATE® eliminates the need for a 2nd person, saves time and prevents injury from strenuous lifting. The BOXMATE® comes pre-assembled, is easy to operate and is easy to store. We are certain the BOXMATE® will be a big savings to your seed dealership!

How Does It Work?

Simply Drive into the BOXMATE® with the Forklift, The angle cut arms with backstops with guide the seed box precisely into place.

With one time off the forklift you can walk to the controls, make a quick turn of the latch, and be using the pneumatic valve to raise the box. With Box in the air you can rotate 180 degrees with one hand and have the box ready to nest.

Now you just dump the air with the control valve and your box lowers into nesting position and releases itself from the latch on the way down. Set your lid back on the box and your ready to store it away.

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